Nike - Sage Gold

Creative Direction / VFX / Simulation


We were approached by Nike to develop the advertising campaign to release the Sage Kotsenberg “Gold” signature series product line for the goggle and sunglass collection. From concept to delivery, we produced the logos, tagline, production workflow and rollout for the “ICE GOLD’ campaign. Using a combination of Houdini, Cinema 4D, and macro product photography, we crafted a sleek, clean, product driven presentation followed Nikes brand DNA and told the “GOLD” story through powerful visual imagery.

Nike Sage Gold Campaign Key Art

A wild ride through GTA’s newest single, Red Lips, letting the goons out at night.


The campaign was used as a full retail rollout being integrated into shelf displays & POS counters.

Trade Shows

Key art was used throughout trade show booths to showcase the new Sage Gold goggle campaign.


Key art was used in large scale outdoor advertising including bus stops, billboads, and key traffic areas at snow resorts.

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