GTA - Red Lips

Creative Direction / VFX / Animation


We worked alongside the ultra talented Mr. Dvice to create this fun animated piece for GTA’s new single “Red Lips”. The concept would require a team of editors, compositors, and animators to be working to transform live action footage into a colorful and animated “Goon World”.

GTA – Red Lips Music Video

A wild ride through GTA’s newest single, Red Lips, letting the goons out at night.

Hero Characters

We worked with the ultra talented Laura Yilmaz to create two hero characters cel animation loops to be used throughout the piece.

Synced Red Lips

To bring our Red Lips to life, we turned to cel animator Mathew Wade to create our lip animations that were synced to the track, allowing us to integrate the infamous red lips throughout the video.

VFX + Animation

Every shot in the piece required rotoscoping, compositing, tracking, and animation. A mountain of work that was tackled by our team.

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