Dexter - Misunderstood Trailer

Title Sequence / VFX / Animation


Using a combination of live action practical effects, snow simulations, and icy CG renders, we produced the title sequence for the first teaser of the new Dexter season. We had a great time collaborating with The Joelsons and Showtime in the creation of these frosty titles.

Dexter: Misunderstood Teaser

America’s favorite serial killer Dexter Morgan is back on SHOWTIME® in a new 10-episode limited series coming this fall.

Logo Molds

The Joelsons created practical logo molds to use as placeholder, these were then enhanced with a variety of bleed maps and ice texture additions.

Snow FX

The molds were laid into a field of practical snow, using this as the foundation to our plates we then added snow particle simulations over the surface of the logo creating the frosty look in the trailer.

Behind the Scenes

A peak into the makeshift “kill room” The Joelsons used to produce the practical plates.

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