Definitive Technology - Studio Series

Creative Direction / Animation / Sound Design


This two minute CG video was directed and produced to use as a product launch video spot and sales tool for the new Studio Advanced sound bar series by Definitive Technology. Targeting key technical features of the product, this CG spot was built for visibility in global product showrooms, trade shows, Amazon A+ content, and global marketing placements.

Definitive Technology – Studio Series

A look at the new Studio Series range of products from Definitive Technology.

Sound Driven FX

We created a series of sound driven FX that showcased the booming sound this line of products produces.

Motion Graphics

We used motion graphics to help highlight key features of the product while showcasing the different internal elements of each unit through CG animation.

Macro Views

We created a number of CG model elements to allow for high resolution macro shots to motivate the animation of the internal elements of each speaker system.

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