Lincoln Divided We Stand

VFX / Editorial / Sound Design


Ahead of Presidents Day, CNN takes a look back at President Abraham Lincoln in its new original series, Lincoln: Divided We Stand. Working alongside the great teams at Gravillis, CAMP Productions, and The Joelsons, we managed all aspects of post production for the spot including creating a full scale CG replica of the Lincoln Monument, sound design, and a variety of cleanup and FX work.

Lincoln – Divided We Stand // Man Vs. Monument

“Man vs. Monument,” set at the Lincoln Monument in Washington, D.C., considers Lincoln’s legacy and how the legend, captured in granite, compares to the man.

Editorial + Sound Design

We created custom sound design and handled all editorial for the campaign including multiple cutdowns and various social outputs.

Compositing Cleanup

Provided compositing cleanup for multiple shots throughout the pice, including recreating elements of the inscription from the physical stage.

FX Enhancements

We added in additional lensing and FX work throughout to enhance the overall editorial experience.

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