Bear Naked Granola - Watching the Wildlife

Creative Direction / Animation / Sound Design


From inception to completion, we worked with the wonderful folks at Smith and Union to create this whimsical spot for Bear Naked Granola. Crafting a CG granola system, animated characters, and CG forests, we produced an iconic spot that helped define the new brand identity of Bear Naked Granola.

Bear Naked Granola: Watching the Wildlife

Take a trip into the whimsical forest to witness the Bear Naked Granola bears foraging for the freshest natural ingredients available.

CG Granola System

We created a procedural granola creation system that allowed for infinite variations of granola clusters. The system allowed us to create CG models of each individual element, completely unique with each iteration and allow for complete control over all aspects of each ingredient and cluster.

Granola Particle Systems

Building off of the procedural granola system, we created a number of particle and dynamics rigs to allow for granola animation, filling of bags, and interaction with our characters.

Character Animation

We developed a suite of characters to use throughout the spot. The development process of our characters took us from photo real 3d characters, to Disney inspired illustrations, to our final vector look. The end result ended up mimicking the look of the iconic bear character on the actual product.

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