Audible Loops

Editorial / Sound Design / Finishing


Working alongside the great team at Gravillis and The Joelsons, we created two spots for the new Audible book “Loops”. Our team handled all aspects of post production including editorial, sound design, and finishing work for a multitude of social outlets.

Audible – Loops // In the Details

Vivica Fox and Teresa Ruiz lead an all-star cast in a story that blends thriller, mystery, and psychological horror for a truly unforgettable listening experience.

Audible – Loops // Deathbed

Presented in found-audio style, Loops takes listeners through increasingly unpredictable twists and turns, jumping back and forth in time.


We managed all finishing aspects on the project, producing well over 100 versions of the spots for a variety of outlets.

Color Correction

Color correction was done with DaVinci Resolve creating a eery grade that reflected the dynamic pace and mood of the story and trailer.

Sound Design

Sound design was pre-orchestrated for the production to assist in the practical on set logo to be synced to the audio of each spot, creating a dynamic and unique element for the spot.

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